by Ch Tartanside Trailwind TallyHo, UDTX,HT,AX,VX
ex Ch Tartanside Silver Lining, CD,TDX,PT,NA,VX

bred and owned by Sue Larson
DONNER was unquestionably the best
performance dog I've ever had.  From a young
pup his drive and joy of training and working
were unequaled.  Unfortunately an injury when
he was 5 years old caused his retirement from
all jumping sports.  At that time he was
competing in Utility and was halfway to his
MACH.   Retiring him broke both our hearts.
Donner loved herding
Donner and I grew up in agility together.  We
traveled all over the country from Texas to Oregon
to the agility nationals in Massachusetts.   We
loved running together and always had a great time.
He was ranked #1 agility collie in the country in
When he was 11 years old I brought him back
out to play with ducks.  He had a ball!  
Though old age problems kept him from
earning his started title on ducks, he did earn
a High In Trial on the one leg he did get.
Heeling and weave pole
pictures by Lisa Kretne
Photo by Dianne Sipe
Photo by Sue Bailey
He was an obedience
High In Trial winner