Braeton's Drift Away, TD,PT,CGC,TKI
by Ch Riverrun Vennessee's The Traveler of Galatean ex Braeton's Caribbean Calypso
Whelped June 2, 2015
Bred by Karen and Brian Weber
When I lost Quick and Bright within 2 weeks of each
other in August 2014, I was devastated and had no
interest in adding another dog to my family for a good
year.  Finally I began to think that if another dog "fell into
my lap", either collie or border collie, that I might take it.   
When I first saw this picture, my heart melted, but I didn't
know he was available.   But shortly afterwards  the ad
showed up on ColliesOnLine  and I had to act.   Within a
Drifter arrived from Indiana.   He adapted to our
busy lifestyle with ease and Thrill and Jif (well, maybe Jif
not so much) and I are enjoying him immensely.
He fit into the family easily and he
and Thrill quickly became buddies.
Even Jif decided to get into the game.
14 weeks old
15 weeks old
Drifter picked up his first 2 points at 8 months old at
the Collie Club of Northern California specialty on
Feb 19 by going Winners Dog under judge Sandra
Wrenn.   And a month later he picked up a 4 point major
at San Gabriel Valley CC under judge Jeff Presley.
Drifter went to his first conformation show in
the 4-6  month baby puppy class and came
home with a Herding Group 3.
Now he just needs to grow up!
Drifter took his first long road trip to
CCA in Kentucky.   He was 9 months
old.   He  looked like a baby, but still
looked pretty in his class.   Thanks to
Sally Mobraaten for these pictures.
In the fall of 2016, Drifter started tracking
seriously.   He enjoys it as much as I do so that
makes it lots of fun.   It's been a seriously WET
winter and we spent a lot of time slogging
through standing water.   On Feb 19, 2017 we
entered a tracking test and he nailed his 4 turn,
450 yard track in just 7 minutes, earning his first
title.   On to TDX

Look, Mom, I found it!
So proud of himself!
A nice reserve to a 5 point major.

Carl Williford, judge