By Vidale Valley Squire, UD ex Sequoia's Night Wind, UD

bred and owned by Sue Larson
Howdy was used as a model
for this billboard.
A wonderful obedience dog, Howdy won
a High In Trial at a large all-breed trial,
scoring 199 1/2 for his second leg in
Utility.   If OTCH's had been made
retroactive, Howdy would have earned
one easily.
Some dogs are very special, and Howdy was one of
those to me.  He and I "clicked" from practically the
moment he was born and I still remember fondly the
many times he'd come and sit beside me and put his
foot up on my knee or push his nose in under my arm.
Typical of collies, Howdy loved
children.  Here he is playing with 2
year old Shannon Bowers.