Trailwind Pandamonium

Whelped June 2019
As I got older I realized I needed to downsize my dogs because if I had to pick up one
of my male collies for any reason, I'm not sure I could do it at this point.   I've had 2
wonderful border collies in the past and decided on another one.  
 PANDA came to me
from a rescue at about 7 or 8 months old.  She was wary of both new people and
especially of dogs.   The people problem is no longer an issue but the fear of dogs will
likely take awhile to get over.  But she's turning into a wonderful little dog who enjoys
herding, agility and dock diving.  But I must say that I'd forgotten how much work a young
border collie can be!
Meeting Panda at Performance Dog
Rescue, Placerville, CA
Panda is amazingly athletic.    We haven't done any
competing yet and have done most of our agility
training by ourselves in our own yard, so those
pictures will have to come later.    But here are
some of my favorite pictures of her.   I call her my
"pocket rocket"
She loves swimming and is going to
be a really good dock diving dog.
She's definitely ball crazy and loves to
retrieve and play with Drifter.
Herding is definitely a work in progress and is not
coming easily because of her tremendous drive and
even stronger prey drive.   This might take awhile!
She joined our home on May 30, 2020