QUICK came to me at 2 1/2 years old in 2002.  Her cute
naturally tipped ears won her a place in my home immediately;
thus her registered name.   High powered, she had been the
wrong dog in the wrong home.   She needed a job!   I gave her
tracking and agility (and squirrel patrol in our yard), and she
turned into a terrific dog!
Tracking was the first
thing Quick and I did
together and she earned
her TD in 200
Agility was Quick's first love.   She ran
like the wind--often running faster than I
could think.    We had great fun every
time we stepped in the ring.  Here are a
few of my favorite pictures of her.
These are a few of my favorite pictures
of Quickie.  She lived a long, wonderful
life but it just wasn't long enough for me!
Twelve years old.   I think this is
my most favorite picture of her
Thirteen years old, watching
another dog at herding practice.   
"Put me in, coach!"
She was the heart and soul of our family