BY Ch Tartanside Th' Critic's Choice ex Ch Tartanside Animation
bred by John Buddie
Even though TALLY has been gone for years, it's still hard for me to make his page.   He and I had a
very special bond from the minute I took him out of his crate at the San Francisco airport.  His flight had
been delayed and he'd been in that crate from Pennsylvania for a long time, and when I opened the crate
he was way in the back.   I reached in and pulled him out and he just hung in my arms for a few seconds.  
Then his tail started to wag and he began to lick my face, and I fell in love with him right there.  I think he
felt the same.  That was just the beginning of nearly 13 years of a wonderful friendship.   Full of life and
love and joy he was a gentle soul who never met a dog or person he didn't like and who was sure every
pocket held a cookie meant just for him.  Below is just a small look at what a wonderful dog he was.
Tally started tracking at 5 months old and
earned his TD at just barely 8 months old.  
He earned his TDX on his and my first ever
TDX test.
Carson Pass, California
CCA Versatility Excellent award
Still beautiful at 10 years old

Tally at 12 years old with his niece,
Cloudy (blue), his son, Donner
(standing tri), and his great
Bright (sable)
Photo by Dianne Sipe
Photo by Billie Robbins